Summer and Autumn 2017: Bringing you the Fashion Trends


Finally! The weather has turned and winter is over. Now you can pack away that heavy coat and close the winter wardrobe for a few months! Summer is here, so embrace the sunshine by dressing accordingly and let the good times roll!

It has probably been so long since your summer and early autumn wardrobe was used, so it can be really difficult to know where you should begin to dress for the new season. Will last year’s sizes still fit? Will the tastes be the same or will I feel out of place and out of date this time around? No need to panic. We are here to help you with a guide to the fashion trends for both summer and autumn in 2017.


Bright colours – and then some!


You will certainly be noticed on the streets in 2017! Bright pink, in particular, is the fashionable colour for 2017, but anything bright goes this year. Don’t shy away with just a bright t-shirt either, you will need to cover yourself in bright colours this year, to stay fashionable. Why not get some cute nail designs or nail accessories to match your colours?


Back to the 80’s!


As was the case last year, the 80’s style is going to be extremely popular 2017. When you are dressing to impress, look to wear stilettos, crystal earrings, huge belts and nice big shoulders! Not so much a daytime fashion, but more something to wear out – the 80’s are back and here to stay. Well, at least for another year anyway…





Just as the flowers in spring start to blossom, so must you! Take inspiration from nature’s most attractive blooms and dress head to toe in floral dresses, blouses and even shoes! Just as the bright colours are going to be back in fashion this year, so too are the floral designs – make sure that you immerse yourself in them from head to toe.

This year you can keep it casual by showcasing a range of see-through dresses when out and about. How seriously you take your look is up to you – you can simply slip on a see-through garment over a pair of jeans, or take it to the extreme by wearing just the dress. Inspired by the London look, see-through dresses will catch the eye of many passers-by this year.


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The Haute Looks is a company who specialise in high-class fashion. We remain one step ahead of both the seasons, and the competition, to provide you with the advice you need to dress in style – whatever the climate.

In terms of items, 2017 will showcase a range of t-shirts, jumpsuits and for the 'geek-chic' look, the 'sweater vest.' Back in for 2017 are a nice alternative to shoulder-revealing tops – the one-shoulder top or dress.

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